Are Supplements Necessary?


A lot of times we see people who work out taking a ton of supplements.  What about those who don’t hit the weights…should they be taking supplements, too?  Short Answer: Yes.  There are 3 in particular that everyone should be taking each day, whether we are gym rats or not.

Multivitamin: We hear the importance of this one a lot, I don’t really have to say why it’s important.  Though, you should know what to look for in a multivitamin.  Try to get a capsule version – easier for your body to digest.  Also, gummy vitamins are pretty popular these days but not a great substitute because of the sugar and artificial coloring.

Probiotics: These are newly popular, as they promote gut health and help us to maintain a good level of bacteria.  You should be looking for ones that are in a fridge (not room temperature) and contain at least 20 billion viable bacteria per serving.  Any other kind is probably not a great source of probiotics.  I’ve found some great options in Whole Foods.

Glutamine:. This one has great benefits for both those who work out and those who don’t.  If you aren’t working out, glutamine is a benign amino acid that tricks your body into thinking it’s getting glucose, cutting your sugar cravings.  It also boosts immunity and gut health.  If you are working out, it provides an acid buffer during training, promotes lean muscle protein synthesis, and helps reduce muscle soreness. I get mine from GNC.

Introduce these into your morning and nightly routine.  It doesn’t add much time to your day to take these right after breakfast and right before bed (choose the ones meant to be taken twice a day).

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