Too Much Sauce


One of the hardest times to stick to a healthy diet is when you are dining-in at a restaurant.  The portion sizes are humongous, everything unhealthy looks sooo delicious, and the environment screams, “just enjoy yourself and detox tomorrow”.  Believe it or not, there is one small trick that you might not have known that can save you some of the calories on most dishes:

Order your sauce…ON THE SIDE.

Seem too simple?  Let me break down some examples:

LongHorn Steakhouse:

Wild West Shrimp – 800 Calories.  One cup of fried popcorn shrimp is about 280 Calories, lets stretch and say there’s two cups of popcorn shrimp in this dish (560 Calories).  Ordering your sauce on the side will save about 240 calories.  Dipping your shrimp will ensure that you still have the flavor yet save a few unnecessary calories.

Red Lobster:

Shrimp Linguini  Alfredo – 1220 Calories.  Just the Alfredo sauce is approximately 400 Calories.  Of course you don’t dip this one, however, if you order sauce on the side, you can control how much you are consuming.

Buffalo Wild Wings:

Traditional Honey BBQ Wings (6 piece) – 432 Calories.  If you get the 6 piece Naked Traditional Wings, it is only 260 Calories…then just order Honey BBQ sauce on the side.

Need I say more?




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