The Best Tea You Never Heard of


There are hundreds of different teas out there.  I’m sure you have heard of Black tea, Green tea, Herbal teas, and all of those “Flat Tummy” teas that celebrities and fitness gurus are paid to promote all over Instagram.  BUT…have you heard of the benefits of Oolong Tea and Holy Basil Tea? These teas are so underrated I am not sure why they aren’t plastered everywhere by now.

Let’s start with the very underrated Oolong Tea.  Oolong blocks dietary fat absorption and specifically targets belly-fat.  It has phytochemical compounds called catechins which have the power to help move fat from your gut into your body.  Our bellies are the last place our fat likes to live, and the main cause of frustration when we are trying to lose weight. Aim to drink at least two cups a day to gain the full benefits.  Oolong is caffeinated so I prefer to drink this in the morning.  Also, because of it’s benefits, I sometimes drink this one before my workouts (as pictured above).

Now let’s talk about Holy Basil (aka Tulsi).  Some of the benefits of Holy Basil according to the Herb Society: lowers fever, reduces inflammation, relaxes spasms, clears bacterial infections, strengthens the immune and nervous systems.  Tulsi is said to have healing powers dated back over 5,000 years in ancient Indian scriptures.  This tea has an insane amount of benefits, I often wonder why it is not as glorified as green tea.  This tea is not caffeinated so I prefer to drink this one at night.

You can find both Oolong and Holy Basil at your local health food stores so get brewing!


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