All Almond Milk is Not Created Equal

almond-milkI’m sure you all have heard of the health benefits of Almond Milk by now.  This substitute to cow’s milk has gained popularity not just for those lactose intolerant, but those looking to improve their overall health.  If you haven’t switched over yet, what are you waiting for?

Although it is healthier than cow’s milk, all Almond Milk is not created equal.  There are two types you can find in your local grocery stores – Regular or Unsweetened.  The big difference?  Regular has a whopping 13g of sugar per serving, while Unsweetened has 0g of sugar.  This is over half of a woman’s recommended daily sugar intake, which is 25g.

So next time you are choosing Almond Milk, flip that bad boy over, check the sugar, and decide if that slight change in flavor is really worth it.

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