Why is This Blog Necessary?

“Too Fit to Be Busy” is a play on the very common excuse, “I’m too busy to workout”.  What if we were all too healthy to make excuses to jeopardize it?  I’m here to help!

There are so many blogs, books, news stories, instagrams, etc. out there that give advice on how to be fit – much of it is contradicting and complicated.  Most people don’t have time to filter through all of this information and decide which to follow.  I think it’s about time you received some easy and simple tips to implement in your routine to get you as healthy as you want to be.

My goal is to make health something simple so that you don’t have to make drastic changes to your already busy life.  Small changes overtime can make huge changes in your body in the long run.  This isn’t a get fit quick scheme type of blog, it’s easy tips to get you to achieve your health goals overtime and stick with them. 🙂

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